Max & Neo

Max and Neo is one of our proud sponsors. Beingamed after the owner's dog Neo (right) and their brother's dog Max (left). Neo lived with them in Arizona and Max with in California. Both dogs passed away on the same day in February 2013, Neo from old age and Max from a heart condition.

Max and Neo is different because it was created to donate massively to rescues. It did not start as a dog collar business and then decide to donate a percentage of profits as a way to give back or as a marketing incentive. From day one the question was, how do they donate, what do they donate and when do they donate.

Because their mission is to help dog rescues, all of the decisions are based on that one goal. This is why they donate weekly. They don’t wait until the end of the year to calculate profits and then send out one check a year. They know that rescue owners and their dogs cannot wait until January to get help. The dogs need it today and they need a lot of help. Learn more about their mission here…

Use code southpawboxerrescue10

Thank you for you continuous support

Max and Neo