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Fostering A Boxer

Fostering saves Boxers! Our foster homes only provide food, love, and stability to the dogs in need. SPBR does the rest!

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Boxer Adoption

Whether you found your furever friend or just want to be approved for when you do find your match - Love is on its way!

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Monetary Donation

SouthPaw Boxer Rescue is a 501c3. We rely on your generosity to help us save lives. 100% of your donations go directly to the care and welfare.

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SouthPaw Boxers Wish List

We have boxers in need of toys and other items. You are welcome to send other items not on this list. Any and all items are appreciated.

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Need to Surrender Your Boxer?

Sometimes our life circumstances change and we just cannot take care of the ones we love. In these instances, it's best to surrender your boxer to a rescue who can vet and care for him until a new loving family is identified.

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The SouthPaw Process

We take our match-making seriously. The adoption process is just that - a process. Here it is:

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Submit An Application
Step 2
Submit References
Step 3
Schedule A Home Visit
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Step 4
Meet the Boxer to ensure a great fit for all.
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Step 5
Take Your Baby Home​
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Donations & Corporate Matches

All donations are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)3 non-profit. Many companies will match donations and volunteer hours. Please consider adding SouthPaw Boxer Rescue to your charitable contributions as well as your Smile Amazon account.

If you are looking to donate to SouthPaw Boxer Rescue and you do not have PayPal or Venmo feel free to send  a check to:

SouthPaw Boxer Rescue
PO Box 735
Stanley NC 28164