Frequently Asked Questions



About Boxers

Life expectancy: Average is 10 – 12 years

Temperament: Fearless, Cheerful, Devoted, Intelligent, Energetic, Loyal, Bright, Confident, Friendly, Playful, Calm, Brave, Goofy

Weight: Female: 55–64 lbs), Male: 60–71 lbs

Colors: White, Brindle, Fawn

Notice the temperament listed above? It says ‘calm’ – well, if you have ever been around a boxer, you know this usually only applies when a boxer is sleeping or wants to cuddle with you (or ON you).

Boxers are smart dogs and learn very quickly but this takes patience and training. Unfortunately, boxers are also prone to various medical conditions that can shorten their life spans and cause for some expensive vet charges.

The following sums up owning a boxer:

They slobber; they fart; they burp; they can (and  do) jump 6’ fences; they chase squirrels (and cats and birds); they love attention; they are stubborn; they don’t know personal space; they bend in half (aka kidney bean); they wiggle their butts (hence wiggle butt); they use their tails as weapons (if not docked); they give love unconditionall

About Rescues

If you’re not familiar with how a rescue operates, here’s what you should know. We pull boxers from shelters and take in owner surrenders. We have various expenses that often exceed the adoption fees. Routine expenses such as vaccines, spaying and neutering, microchips, Heartworm tests, monthly heartworm and flea prevention and other medications. Ideally, a SouthPaw doesn’t need anything when entering our rescue except a place to call home until they are adopted. However, oftentimes that isn’t the case. Many of the dogs we rescue need more medical attention than just vaccines – some are heartworm positive requiring expensive treatment; some have masses that need to be removed; some have internal medical issues that have to be addressed.

Our adoption fees can range anywhere from $200-$500+  depending on age and medical conditions.

Let’s answer the biggest question we receive — Do you make money? SouthPaw Boxer Rescue is NOT a for-profit organization. We do not pay any of our volunteers; founders; directors; etc. We do not ‘shop’ for boxers and we don’t pull just the healthy boxers. All of our volunteers, founders, directors, etc. own boxers and live in the areas we serve (NC and SC). All of our donations and expenses are carefully tracked and monitored by several board members. We are in rescue to save the SouthPaws.

Thank you for you continuous support