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Frequently Asked Questions

0-6 months – $350 – $450

6-12 months – $350 – $400

1-3 years – $300 – $350

3-6 years – $250 – $300

7+ years – $150 – $200

SouthPaw Boxer Rescue is a non-profit 100% volunteer rescue. All of
the adoption fees and donations we receive go towards the vetting
and needed treatment or surgeries of the boxers coming in to our
rescue. Most times the adoption fees don’t cover the medical
expenses we spend on our rescued boxers. The average vet expenses
can range from an average of $300 and can exceed $1,000 depending
on the medical issues and care a boxer might need.

A home visit is an informal meeting with you, your family members
and current pets and a SouthPaw Boxer volunteer. A home visit is
required because our commitment is to find him or her the absolute
best forever home that suits his or her needs. The home visit gives us
the information we need to help you and our boxers might the right
fit for both of you.
A couple of things you’ll be asked during the visit is:
To see your backyard (to ensure there aren’t any safety hazards
or gaps one could escape through)
Where you intend to keep the dog when not at home and get to
know a little about your existing pets.

I live in a house but don't have a fence. Can I still adopt? >

The short answer is yes. However, some of our boxers have very high energy
and their activity level may be such that the foster family (who knows the
boxer best) may determine the foster does need a fenced yard in order to
burn their energy off. Some of our boxers are laid back couch potatoes while
others are wide open and may get stressed not being able to run often during
the day

It depends on your preferences. If you’re open to different ages and genders
it can be as quick as a week or two or if you have specific requirements such
as a male or female only, a docked tail only, etc. it will be longer dependent
upon when a boxer fitting your profile is available.
The type boxer you’re interested in and the one that’s the best fit for your
family. Some adopters only want a puppy which can take months since we
don’t often get puppies into the rescue.

SouthPaw Boxer Rescue gives priority to shelter dogs since their time is limited
before a shelter has no other alternative than to euthanize to make space for newer
incoming dogs. Shelters go to all lengths not to euthanize but the sad fact is space is
limited and sometimes there are just too many dogs coming to shelters forcing them
to make space if not enough are adopted by individuals or taken in by rescue
 We make every effort to take owner surrenders but we must have an available foster
home in order to do so. You may submit an application to surrender your boxer by
clicking here to complete the form. Be
sure to enter something in every field or the form will not go through
 If we can’t take your boxer, we’ll network with our trusted boxer rescue partners to
see if one of them can help

Currently we only adopt to North & South Carolina residents because we have to
have volunteers living in the area the applicant lives in to do the home visits
and being so new and small, we simply don’t have a network of volunteers outside of
the Carolinas to do home visits in other states

Absolutely. That’s addressed in our Adoption Agreement. We will always take one of
our boxers back. The stipulation is that you as the adopter agrees to transport your
boxer to a specified area volunteer/foster. Oftentimes, adopters move to other
states and we don’t have the means or volunteers to travel to other states to pick up
a dog. That responsibility falls to you to return the boxer to us. In addition, if it’s
determined that an adopted boxer is being kept outside, neglected or abused
SouthPaw Boxer Rescue can legally take repossession of the adopted boxer